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BKB Boutique Shop Blog

See whats buzzing in our first blog.
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Bee’s Knees Beauty Boutique Shop is an extension of our original salon, Bee’s Knees Beauty. We opened Bee’s Knees Beauty (BKB) in October of 2020. Yup, right during the pandemic. We aren’t crazy or anything, lol! But, in all seriousness, the salon went off without a hitch. 

My sister, Melissa, and her husband, Michael, own BKB. I’m Jennifer

Welcome to BKB Boutique Shop blog! So, as I was saying, BKB Boutique is an extension of BKB. When we opened in 2020, Melissa made the decision to turn our lobby into a boutique. Her and I share a deep love for crystals, stones, energy, and the metaphysical of it all. She decided let’s offer what we love to our clients and see if they respond. That’s exactly what we did. Not only did we order all the crystals and things, but we also got in touch with local woman owners who offered unique products in which we felt would fit perfectly in our boutique. How did it go, you ask? Well, I would not be writing this if things were in the gutter, lol! As you can guess, we were overwhelmed with the acceptance of our boutique and the items we chose to sell in it. Clients coming in to receive a service could browse the boutique before or after a service. Other clients began coming in for just the boutique and not to receive a service. We began to see our clients come in for separate reasons. Meaning, we have clients who come in and just want to receive a service and leave, we have some we come for just the boutique side and could care less that we are a full-body waxing salon as well. 

It came time to split. We want those clients who are just there for crystals to have a place where they can go and see everything we have. We also wanted those clients who were just here for our services had a place where they could go and see everything we have to offer. Thus, the birth of BKB Boutique Shop! Here, you will be welcomed into the world of crystals and the metaphysical life. Here, you will find that something you’ve always been missing or that something you didn’t know you needed to have. 

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