Summer Solstice

Summer Solstice

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The longest and brightest day is upon us! Summer Solstice is here, and this marks the first day of summer.

Summer is the time of year to get outside and enjoy Mother Nature’s pleasures. We made it through the cold of Winter, planted our seeds in Spring, and have waited for Summer so we can relax and soak up the benefits of our hard work. Summer brings the desire to be cool and to be around cool things. Take a dip in the lake down the street or in the neighborhood pool. Drink a cool glass of lemonade or iced tea while enjoying some of the delicious fruit harvested for us by local farmers. Summer brings us the Sun Seasons of Cancer; known for self-care, Leo; known for play, and Virgo; known for healing. The astrological energy of summer grants us permission to stop and smell the roses as we tend to our roots and feed our souls.

The summer solstice is the perfect time of year to celebrate and connect with the light inside of each of us. Whether you mark the day with your own ritual, or you simply enjoy the extra sunlight and the energy that brings, crystals can be a wonderful accompaniment to the day.

Here at Bee’s Knees Crystals, these are our favorite summertime crystals.

Carnelian: A firestone that reminds us of the summer’s stunning sunsets. Carnelian’s color can vary from pale orange to deep red-orange and has an energy that spreads vitality. It’s a great crystal for boosting courage, creativity, and compassion. The perfect crystal to keep you energized for those long summer days! Grab a piece to invite adventure into your life and remind yourself of what a joy it is to be alive.

Aquamarine: This is a cooling crystal, just what you need as the summer heat rises. Aquamarine resonates with the frequency of the ocean to bring fluidity and calmness to oneself. Grab a piece to feel like you just jumped into the cool Pacific! Place some in your pocket to help you relax into the warm summer nights and trust the rhythm of your life.

Citrine: Hello, yellow! This amazing crystal, also known as liquid sunshine, is connected to the sun, and with its stunning yellow pigmentation, it makes one feel like a ray of sunshine. It brings both positive vibrations and optimism, the power to clear away negative energies, within or around oneself, and is one of the few crystals that never needs cleansing. Place some in your kitchen window to amplify the power of the Sun.

Remember, with all the hustle and bustle summer can bring, its real power lies in the ability to rejuvenate our souls. Take time this season to pause and enjoy life. Spend time with friends and family, laugh until 3 am, let the kids stay up late and “hangout” with the adults, indulge in the season’s bounty and make time for self-care. Use the crystals above to help tap into the true essence of summer: Joy!

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